OHS Policy


Our Commitment

West Leederville Plumbing is committed to the ongoing improvement of Health and Safety Management within its operations and the commitment to establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at elimination of work-related injury and illness.

We will endeavour to conduct business activities in such a manner that ensures the health, safety and wellbeing of all individuals.



Our Strategy

Our goal is to prevent all occupational injuries and illnesses. West Leederville Plumbing will seek to achieve this by:

• Identifying and reducing the risks of all types of work activities that have the potential to produce personal injury or occupational illness

• Complying with all applicable occupational safety and health legislation

• Providing instruction, training and supervision to improve individual’s understanding of workplace hazards, including safe work practices and emergency procedures

• Involving individuals in occupational safety and health matters and consulting with them on ways to recognise, evaluate and control workplace hazards

• Ensuring that everyone (including visitors and contractors) complies with appropriate standards and workplace directions to protect their own and other safety and health at work

• Providing adequate systems and resources to effectively manage identified significant occupational safety and health hazards as well as rehabilitation and return to work processes

• Implementing, maintaining and reviewing the occupational safety and health program to achieve continuous improvement, as well as conducting regular inspections of the workplace aimed at preventing accidents and incidents



Managers and Supervisors are responsible for:

• The safety of employees, contractors and company property under their control; and

• Ensuring that all regulations, procedures and safe work practices are followed at all times.

All employees are expected to:

• Follow all occupational safety and health requirements and Codes of Practice;

• Maintain a clean and orderly work area;

• Report all injuries and safety incidents; and

• Actively participate in occupational safety and health improvement activities

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