Risk Management Policy

Our Commitment

Resolution of Risk / Hazards and Issues enables West Leederville Plumbing to improve its operational safety and improve its business processes. In order to achieve an operation that values the experience of its people, West Leederville Plumbing will endeavour to learn from its mistakes, monitor industry best practice and be committed to close out of corrective actions in the workplace.

Our Strategy

West Leederville Plumbing will achieve this policy by implementing adequate tools to enable personnel to manage risks.
These tools will include:

• Visible workplace Supervision

• Observations of personal Behaviour, Job Hazard Analysis

• Safe Work Method Statements

• Safe Work Procedures

• Regular OHS Consultation

• Regular Workplace / Safety Inspections

• Regular Audits

We will endeavour to:

• Provide a vehicle through which workplace concerns, risks and hazards can be identified and the necessary corrective actions implemented to address the issues.

• Implement an Incident / Event Analysis process to clearly identify the corrective actions required to prevent a recurrence of the Incident / Event.

• In situations where the hazard cannot be eliminated the risk will be reduced to “As Low As Reasonably Practical” (ALARP) are managed in accordance with the hierarchy of control.

• Implement the OHS Management System to identify and manage defective or damaged workplace items or unsafe work practices. It ensures all corrective actions assigned to a particular item have been completed satisfactorily.

We are committed to getting the job done right, every time!


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