Quality Policy

Our Commitment

West Leederville Plumbing is committed to achieving enduring business relationships to deliver products and services that satisfy all stakeholders’ needs and comply with our obligations.

Our Strategy

Our key Quality Policy principles are to ensure that we:
• Continually improve our formal management systems in line with our business and stakeholders’ requirements
• Provide adequate resources to develop, manage and implement our management systems
• Refer to recognised standards including ISO 9001, to assist us plan, lead and control product & service delivery
• Identify, assess and implement controls to manage our risks by maximising opportunities and mitigating significant risks associated with our business
• Comply with contractual and legislative requirements
• Use our resources, information and knowledge efficiently and effectively
• Monitor, measure and analyse our performance and take corrective action where performance does not meet expectation
• Enhance the skills and competencies of our personnel to improve our performance and delivery capability
• Assess stakeholder satisfaction both during and after delivery
• Work collaboratively with our stakeholders and encourage them to help us achieve the objectives of this Policy
• Implement this Policy and review our management systems periodically to ensure they are both adequate and effective.

We are committed to getting the job done right, every time!


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